Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another Happy Client - Thanks Wayne Weum!!!

Hi folks, just a quick note to share a great experience I had with a Realtor in the Edmonton area:

I sourced a qualified rent to own tenant who was specific in what she needed for her growing family. A phone call to Cathy Currie from Century 21 A.L.L. Stars in Edmonton came next. She listened to what I was asking her to do, and without hesitation she immediately began to source properties that fit the criteria that we established. What set her apart was the fact that she was willing and even excited about taking my tenant buyer around to look at these properties, being ever-flexible and understanding of the clients complicated schedule. In my experience, Realtors would rather do "just about anything else" than take rent to own clients around town to look at multiple properties. Between wishy-washy attitudes and the extra effort involved with selling real estate to an investor, it makes for a lot of work.

Cathy made this experience easy. She found a perfect property, put the deal together, followed up constantly, and answered any and all questions my tenant buyer had. Cathy was professional, patient, kind, and efficient throughout the process with both my tenant buyer and myself. This resulted in an extremely low amount of work/stress for me-leaving my time open to put my JV agreement together. I would refer her to any investor who is in need of a realtor to source properties. And the airmiles were a nice touch!

Cathy can be reached via any of the following:

Cathy Currie
Century 21 A.L.L Stars Realty
312 Saddleback Road
Edmonton, Alberta
T6J 4R7
Fax: (780) 436-9902
Direct: (780) 232-2178

Office: (780) 434-4700

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